Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Day At The Beach

A Day at The Beach

A Day at The Beach

A Day at The Beach

A Day at The Beach

1. I took this picture after I woke up in the tent. I used my dad's sunglasses (?) as a filter. This photo is taken through the netting of the tent.

2. This boy is really brave, in my opinion. I observed him for awhile, lost in my own thoughts at the same time. Then, he looked up, noticed me, and smiled at me shyly. I smiled back. I kept on walking, after that, all the while thinking about the boy's thoughts on the vast expanse of the ocean.

3. A view.

4. This bird fascinated me. A lot. It only flew into my line of sight when there was a roar of an airplane's engines, a sort of signal, before it soars right above us. It seemed to fly effortlessly over the ocean while the other birds struggled against the wind that seems to deafen me as well. I stood watching it for quite some time at the place shown in (3).

I had a great time at the beach that time, last week. Though, I have to admit that my butt was sore after cycling 24 km to Changi Beach and 24 km back. There was a number of beautiful sceneries, but sadly, I didn't bring along my camera while cycling. These pictures, however, were taken at East Coast Park.

Rina xx

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