Monday, March 7, 2011

Clueless, as usual.

I went out yesterday with the purpose of using my Diana F+ for the first time. Completely clueless, I was. I had no idea how to use the thing, and I realized eventually that I missed one shot out of the 12 I could have taken with a roll of 120v film. I wanted to create some multiple exposure shots but I wasn't even sure how. So I played with the thing (that clicks when you turn it) and sometimes try to take pictures in between the numbers that show on the "screen". I don't even know if it will appear on the film but I think I screwed it up really bad. So yeah, I'm going to admit that I was a total nOOb while trying to use the Diana F+. I sincerely hope my thirty bucks didn't go to waste though (I have this absolutely horrifying feeling that the pictures are going to come out all washed-out).

Painstaking effort was made to ensure that I don't get it wrong, which I'm pretty sure I did anyway. I even brought the ever-so-confusing manual with me. I don't get it! Can someone please explain to me how to use this Diana F+ of mine? From square one, if you would.

In the meantime, here are a few photos taken on film that I so greatly admire. I'll probably post my failed attempts at film photography when it's finished being processed. It'll be finished in the next two weeks, I was told.


(sources are click-through)

I'm sincerely sorry. If I weren't so tired, I would've posted more. 

Rina xx

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