Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dark times

I absolutely love the music this swedish singer makes. Lykke Li has got to be one of the best pop singers 'round. I wish she would sing outside my window too (if she ever comes to Singapore!) In the meantime, you guys should listen to her latest album titled Wounded Rhymes. The track that I put on repeat is Youth Knows No Pain. Other tracks I love include Get Some, Jerome, Love Out of Lust, and of course, I Follow Rivers. This is practically almost the whole album! Me Gusta!

Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes in Jane Eyre. Click here for source.  

I was watching Wuthering Heights a few days ago. Didn't manage to finish it but really! I've got to find the time to finish watching it. My eyes were practically glued to the TV screen. Eventually, I had to stop because of some reason or another, so of course I had to switch off the TV (reluctantly, if I may add). The Wuthering Heights movie I'm talking about is not the 2011 one, by the way. It's the one starring Julliete Binoche and Ralph Fiennes. I think I'll try to read the book again some time later, like really really later. I'm sorry but the language used within the pages of the book proved to be quite difficult for me to comprehend.

Alright, that's just about it for today. Time for me to tackle my homework. xx

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