Thursday, January 26, 2012

From Marlous

I was utterly delighted to receive Marlous' letter today as part of her letter-writing project - and look at all the goodies inside! Thank you so much Marlous, for sending me these vintage (?) stamps, stickers, tea, and so much more! Also, thanks for writing a few Dutch phrases for me. I love all of the things you sent me! I don't think I've mentioned that I liked tea in the letter I sent to you, but thank you very much for sending me a bag of tea anyway - I'll make sure to use it for tomorrow's tea!  And you even decorated the letter itself with lots of japanese washi tape and stamps. Ahhh this totally made my day! I really reaaaaaaalllly love it! ;D

I'll try to write back to you as soon as I can! *squealing*

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