Saturday, July 16, 2011

The suns and planets.

Sitting at home, I feel content. I've done almost nothing the whole day, except the occasional changing of seats to the couch, to the wooden chairs that line the dining table to the bed, reading, and then thinking and doing nothing completely.

What a waste of time, but whatever, I feel good.

I'm going to sit by the window, maybe drink some tea and watch the colours of the sky change as the sun sets, the dark blue staining and spreading out over the canvas ever so slowly.  I don't need to close my eyes and imagine that I'm somewhere else, on foreign waters, because don't sunsets make everything beautiful, everywhere? I love sunsets, it gives everything a glow.

What I'd give to be le Petit Prince who lives on Asteroid B612. All he has to do is move his chair. x

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