Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 everyone!

Hope this year will bring you great memories.

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  1. happy new year!

    - i found your tumblr because my dashboard said you started following one of mine (feestjes) :) i'm much more into snowboarding than skiing. used to ski when i was super small, but indeed....the legs. with snowboarding it's mostly your ass hurting but i think that's a more natural feeling ;D it's both good though! i love the feeling of "sliding" over fresh snow, with just mountains in front of you. ahhh.
    and yes, i've been to Paris indeed. during my last visit we weren't lucky with the weather at all, so it was mostly very gray.... but the architecture is lovely, there's lots of things to do, amazing museums, etc etc. are you planning on going? :)