Friday, January 13, 2012

Korea Part II

After our first few days spent in the countryside, we headed back to the city to do the thing most of us were looking forward to do - shopping! One thing I will never forget about our vacation to Korea was the amount of walking we had to do while we were in the city area. (Take note that this is in the viewpoint of a Singaporean.)

There were loads of shopping centres, and they stock a lot of branded goods. Naturally, I couldn't afford those (being the poor student that I am) so instead I tried my very best to look for stores which sold actual souvenirs, which, to my surprise, were rather difficult to find. We did, however, go to a street market that had many stalls selling clothes, and there we stumbled upon a stall which sold " t-shirts for tourists" as I like to call it. You know, the "I love X COUNTRY" kind? My family and I bought a few for ourselves and other close friends.

While we were in Korea, we also managed to go to N Seoul Tower, where we got a fantastic view of the city. I have to say though, climbing up the slope which led to the tower took a lot of effort and I'm not even exaggerating! Oh well, another few kilos gone, so it's okay. At the top of the tower there was a souvenir shop and a cafe. That was where I got some of my other souvenirs.

On our second last day in Seoul, right after the visit to the National Palace Museum of Korea which was located in the Gyeongbokgung Palace, it suddenly started to snow. We were utterly thrilled, because for the most of us, it was actually our first experience with (falling) snow. Some of us even started dancing right there and then.

I miss Seoul dearly. The last memory I had of our vacation was during the plane ride on our way back home, when a Korean I was sitting beside had offered me his ice-cream which was given to passengers as a dessert. Haha, it was really nice of him and yes, I did accept it.


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